Our goal is to provide support to pediatric oncology families facing the challenges of terminal illness or life threatening disease between the ages of 0-19 years old, residing in New Jersey.

We know firsthand how acts of kindness, the spirit of giving and life’s simplest gestures can positively impact families……even if for a day.

With your generous support, we can provide the following programs to our families.


The Beauty of HOPE

One of Sarah’s favorite things...SPA day for teen girls 13-19 actively in treatment. Enjoy some pampering with a manicure, pedicure and mini facial or massage.

Celebrating HOPE

We strive to make magical memories for children celebrating a birthday while inpatient giving them the gift of a normal childhood experience which so often is stolen from them. They will enjoy balloons, a cake and gifts that will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Package of HOPE

A special package of gifts and toys to newly diagnosed children of all ages between 0-19 years. We strive to put a smile and give HOPE to a child, if even for day. We also include financial support to help offset cost of meals, gas and parking while child is in treatment.

Financial Assistance

Families dependent on two incomes or single parent families are likely to experience financial difficulties if a parent must quit their job to care for their child. We can help defray the cost of basic living expenses when there is loss of income from work disruptions directly resulting from a child’s illness. Please have your Social Worker contact us for a grant application.

Funeral Assistance

Every parent’s worst nightmare. This is an unplanned expense which we understand too well. We compassionately assist bereaved parents with the financial expense they face in making final arrangements

Bereavement Support

It is our initiative to bring people together to facilitate connections with other bereaved parents of pediatric cancer. The loss of a child can leave a gaping hole in a parent’s life and can be difficult to discuss with those who have not experienced that same loss. Our monthly meetings is a self help group of parents offering to support and connect with other struggling parents who have traveled this cancer journey.

Our Warriors




Your donation will help support a child and their family.

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